Asantech UVP Verifier


UVP Verifier is unique solution for video verification of alarms and events from other systems. It consists of easy-to-use user interface, comprehensive API for system integration and extensive coverage of different brands of video recorders from edge cameras and DVR’s to NVR’s and VMS’s.

Asantech UVP Viewer


Asantech UVP Viewer is easy-to-use software program for watching video footage from remote locations. It enables centralized video surveillance by connecting the organization’s different camera systems into one solution. You can watch, use and manage various video systems and cameras from one place, which improves efficiency and brings significant cost savings for the organization.

  • Lightweight viewing software that combines many different brands of recorders and video systems
  • Works with most popular web browsers without installation of separate software
  • Can be used on computers and various mobile devices
  • Separate user management and configuration interface
  • All UVP-supported recorder brands and cameras can be linked with the program
  • The most effective bandwidth management on the market
  • Comprehensive integration base and related life cycle support
  • Connection monitoring, status monitoring and logging of plugged devices
  • Encrypted login
  • AD user management-compatible (requires an integration project)


ASANTECH UVP VIEWER product sheet (.pdf)

ASANTECH UVP VIEWER demo (username: guest; password: guest)

Asantech UVP Service Center


Infinitely expandable and widely integrable Asantech UVP Service Center is a monitoring, operations and video surveillance management solution for professional service providers. The surveillance centers or ARC’s of service provider and the thousands of different brand video systems of end clients are integrated into a functional entity, which you can effectively control and use from one service center.

  • A viewing, operational and management system for the use of service control rooms that combines various brands of video systems
  • An effective tool generates supervision services for clients
  • Client-based personal interface
  • Thousands of recorders – and tens of thousands of cameras – can be connected
  • Deep integration with alarm-handling systems, e.g. Interview and TeliaSonera Alerta
  • Enables a working environment that’s homogeneous for the operator based on integrated alarms and seamless video
  • Comprehensive integration possibilities with other systems, e.g. alarm systems, access control and both intrusion and fire alert devices
  • Almost limitless expansion potential by bridging several UVP servers
  • Includes a backup server solution, separate test server and client-based server farm
  • Various service platform expansion modules can be connected
  • Upkeep and life cycle services
  • A comprehensive configuration interface and wizards that assist the administrator
  • Wide-ranging system monitoring, logging and reporting
  • Available as extra module: UPV Viewer, Integration of Interview alarm handling system, Fire alarm integrations, Commend internal call integration


ASANTECH UVP SERVICE CENTER product sheet (.pdf)


Asantech Recorder


Asantech Recorder is a secure storage solution which scales from a recorder of few cameras to storage solution of hundreds of cameras. Storage of video and metadata is handled with onsite recorder hardware, centralized storage solution or as a combination of these. The application is used through a browser on your computer and mobile device.

  • Video material storage solution
  • An online recorder that can be located on site or centralized as a cloud solution for a server farm
  • The number of cameras that can be connected to the recorder ranges from under ten to over a hundred
  • A personal browser-based interface that’s clear and simple – also for mobile devices
  • Secure https login in addition to encryption of recordings
  • Can also store metadata
  • Watchdog monitors camera and online operations
  • Versatile search potential for recordings
  • Active Directory support for user management (requires of project delivery)
  • Multicast transmission format possible


ASANTECH RECORDER product sheet (.pdf)


Asantech Archiver


With the Asantech Archiver specific video recordings can be archived from different brand video systems in a coordinated way, which increases overall solution reliability and security. Asantech Archiver stores video images, individual images, audio and metadata that you can easily search and play afterwards.

  • An archiving solution for the stored materials
  • Important materials can be archived into a separate dedicated archive for a set period
  • Materials can be transferred from UVP-supported recorders in accordance with set criteria
  • Material can be pulled up afterwards and watched if required
  • Records the video image as well as metadata from field equipment made by various manufacturers
  • Minimizes the need for storage capacity on sites – a great solution for the storage of important materials for long-term purposes
  • Enables cost-effective provision of archiving services for several clients
  • Enables the search for archived materials separately in accordance with, for example, a recorder or indexing program offered by an external system.

Asantech ANPR


Registration plate identification system Asantech ANPR recognizes registration plates from different countries reliably with top accuracy. The system can be integrated on other systems as well, such as parking management, traffic control and logistics. The system is very flexible: user and ban lists can be created and barrier operations can be optimized by user’s requirements.

  • A reliable registration plate identification system with top accuracy
  • Precision is improved by our identification selection function as well as the possibility for the use of several cameras in recognition tasks
  • Reporting possibility according to various criteria
  • Greenlists as well as blacklists can be generated of registration plates
  • Booms can be raised automatically or manually on the basis of identification
  • Widely recognizes registration plates from various countries
  • Available as extra module: Integration with the parking management system also possible, Commend internal call integration


ASANTECH ANPR product sheet (.pdf)

Asantech Standard API


Asantech API is an integrable interface by which material from different video systems can be centrally transmitted to a third-party-system. Interface is an effective solution: heavy and time-consuming manufacturer-dependent integrations related to systems and equipment stock can be avoided completely. Asantech API extensively supports different ways of making use of videos from both already installed video systems and those that will be installed in the future.

Asantech Custom API


Based on the Asantech standard API we can swiftly customize highly specified API implementations to customer specific needs. In addition to development projects we offer comprehensive lifecycle services to maintain these customer specific API’s.