ASAN Security Technologies Ltd is a Finnish pioneer of highly integrated, modern video solutions. The company was founded in 2000 to seize the opportunities created by the introduction of IP-technology into video surveillance.

We deliver highly integratable, reliable, easy to use multivendor video surveillance systems, which deliver live and recorded video where ever the user demands.
We help our partners to utilize the latest in video technology in their business. We have achieved notable improvements in security as well as ease of use and efficiency in a number of industries.

The ASAN team has wealth of technical and business experience in technology breakthroughs from international technology and service businesses. We are especially strong in understanding and applying new technologies in business development.
Today we are the leading supplier of video surveillance centers in the Nordic countries. Our systems are being used all around the world, and we are currently developing game changing video surveillance systems with our partners in numerous countries.


Kimmo Kaitala

M.Sc (EE), MBA, Chairman of the Board

Kimmo Kaitala was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2010. He also participates in the operational management of ASAN. Mr. Kaitala has executive management, R&D, marketing, and sales experience from Nokia Networks and a number of small technology companies. In addition to ASAN he currently serves on the board of four information technology and consulting companies.

Ville Särmälä

BBA, Member of the Board

Ville Särmälä was appointed to ASAN’s Board in May 2017. He is the CEO of Knowit Oy (previously Endero Oy) since June 2010. In addition, he acts as the Chairman of the Board of four companies belonging to Knowit Group; two of them in Sweden, and other two in Estonia and Norway. Previously Särmälä has worked as the Director of the Testing and R&D Unit at Endero Oy. Ville has over 15 years of experience in sales and management at the ICT sector, especially in ICT services. Before joining Endero, he worked as the Sales Director at Conformiq.

Antti Laine

M.Sc (Tech), CEO

Antti Laine was appointed to the Board of Directors in spring 2007. He has also been ASAN Security Technologies Oy’s CEO since August 2006. His professional experience includes heading Radionet Oy, a pioneer company in citywide WLAN network technology, co-founding and heading Conformiq Oy, a Finnish pioneer company in Automation of Software Testing, as well as developing and launching Kone Oyj’s elevator product platforms to Asian markets during the 90’s.

Ari Lassila


Ari Lassila was appointed to the Management Team in the beginning of 2015, when he started as the CTO at ASAN. Ari has extensive experience in system architecture, R&D, sales, and management in the ICT sector. He has previously worked for instance at Nokia, IBS’s Data Center and as a private consultant and entrepreneur.

Jyri Luoma

M.Sc.(Econ), VP Sales and Marketing

Jyri Luoma has acted as the VP Sales&Marketing and a member of the management team at ASAN since February 2008. His professional experience includes many VP and Director positions at TeliaSonera Finland Oyj and Sonera Zed Oy between 1997-2007. His areas of responsibility have covered Cable TV, Mobile value added services, Consumer internet, and Offering and Business Development. Jyri’s earlier work history includes heading the sales in Multichoice Finland Oy (Canal Plus), and various sales and marketing positions in car industry and office furniture industry.





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