UVP Viewer is an easy-use viewing software for watching live or recorded video footage through a browser on a computer or mobile device. It allows the use of different brands of recorders and cameras as an integrated video system. Browser-based UVP Viewer 2.0 raises the efficiency and usability of the software to a completely new level.


The new features include e.g. the following:

  • Very low-latency for video streaming
  • Direct recorder and camera driver interface (DMS)
  • Event actions configuration (pop-up with live stream and message, sound alert, output state, PTZ preset) and monitoring window for occurring events
  • Playback has been renewed:
    • Live and playback can be monitored simultaneously
    • Playback speed can be increased and decreased
    • Recordings can viewed one frame at a time
    • Playback can be started on a selected time
  • Support for sequential view
  • Monitoring of device status

Fixed issues and improvements:

  • Improved surveillance view configuration (split, merge)
  • Fast moving (one click) from live to playback
  • Stream resolution can be changed for cameras which support several resolutions
  • Avigilon support
  • Ksenos playback support


The full release notes can be read from here:



Manuals can be read/downloaded from here:




The ASANTech UVP Viewer 2.0 installation files can be requested from ASANTech technical support (asan@asansecurity.com).


The version 3.12.7 of ASANTech UVP includes several new features and improvements. The Bosch encoder driver (Bosch-VIP-X16-XF-E-23500570) now supports H.264 video streams and Pan-Tilt-Zoom function, and Bosch encoder driver (Bosch-VIP-X16-XF-E-23500570) supports VIDEOJET multi 4000 encoder.


Two new device drivers have been added to the system: Sony SNC-G7 – a generic Sony generation 7 driver – and Sony SNC-VM772R (4K).


LiveVideoCheckInterval parameter has been added to each driver’s properties, in order to refresh network connection between the UVP drivers and recorders in case those have been for some reason interrupted.


Improvements have been made to Ksenos playback. PTZ permissions now also work on all user level accounts via the UVP Bridge (used in large systems). Axis VAPIX3 drivers camera reading capabilities have been improved when using a mobile network connection.


The version 1.10.0 ASANTech UVP 3.12 DDA includes new device drivers, for instance for March Command Series recorder. Avigilon 5 driver has been updated to Avigilon 5/6 driver, which now supports H.264 video streams, and Avigilon 6 recorders. There is also a Dahua 0 driver in addition to Dahua 1. The new DDA version supports Eneo recorder in 64bit UVP environment, not only in the 32bit one.


The versions of SDK (software development kit) have been updated in a way that they support the newest recorders. The support for Hikvision Zero channel stream has been fixed, and Mirasys 7 playback has been improved.


In order to get the most out of the new ASANTech UVP and the new ASANTech UVP DDA versions, it is recommended to update both of them simultaneously.



The full UVP 3.12.7 release notes can be downloaded from here:



The new ASANTech UVP 3.12.7 installation/update file can be downloaded from here:


ASANTech_UVP-3.12.7-b948.zip (Linux)


ASANTech UVP Manuals can be downloaded from here:




The full DDA 1.10.0 release notes can be downloaded from here:



The new ASANTech UVP DDA driver package 1.10.0 can be downloaded here:

ASANTech_UVP_DDA_Driver_Package_1.10.0-b528.exe (x86)

ASANTech_UVP_DDA_Driver_Package_1.10.0_x64-b528.exe (x64)


ASANTech UVP UVP DDA documentation can be downloaded from here:



For more information:


ASAN Security Technologies Ltd
tel: +358 9 8817 1607
or asan@asansecurity.com


The long partnership and product development history between Bosch and ASAN Security Technologies guarantees a reliable and deep level of integration between Bosch IP video devices and ASANTech UVP (Universal Video Platform) products. This solution unites high quality imaging technology from Bosch with ASAN’s multivendor, remote monitoring software.


– ASANTech UVP now offers the rich functionality of Bosch’s recorders and cameras in UVP client. The features of Bosch’s products scaling from small to large environments  can now be used in a UVP solution in a simple and reliable way, says Antti Laine, the CEO of ASAN Security Technologies.


– We are very pleased about the further strengthening of the partnership between Bosch and ASAN, says Pekka Lakkonen, the Country Sales Director of Bosch Security Systems in Finland. – The integrations of Bosch devices to ASAN’s multivendor environment add to the number of ways our customers can utilize the latest video technology in their business.


The integrated solution gives customers a chance to achieve notable improvements in security as well as ease of use and efficiency in numerous fields of industry.


Key features of the joint solution include:


  • The Bosch recorders connect into ASAN’s multivendor environment
  • ASAN solutions enable the use of Bosch H.264 cameras in a plug-in free web browser UI, including recordings
  • ASAN solutions support both older and the latest IP and HD cameras from Bosch
  • ASAN ANPR with Bosch cameras give a high quality recognition solution for parking businesses
  • ASAN’s API allows third parties to use existing Bosch live video and recordings in their own systems

Latest, detailed information about the integration can be found on Bosch’s Integration Partner website.


We will be happy to tell you more about how our solution could benefit your business. You can reach us by phone at +358 9 8817 1607 and by e-mail at asan@asansecurity.com .


ASAN Security Technologies has launched a new version – 5.3.1 – of ASANTech Recorder.


The updated product now allows Cross Line Detection events from Axis cameras. The new version also supports Axis Zipstream and Hikvision’s h.264+ video formats.


Two new IP device drivers have been added to the Recorder: Sony SNC-G7 generic driver, and Sony SNC-VM772R (4K). Area visibility in video analytics has been updated to support Axis 6.x firmware. In addition, Bosch encoder driver (VIP-X16-XF-E-23500570) has been updated to support h.264 streams, PTZ function and VIDEOJET multi 4000 encoder.


The support of RTP/RTSP_OVER_HTTP protocol has been corrected so that it now only uses one port in Axis VAPIX3-5.00+ cameras and Hikvision-IPCam-5.0.0+ drivers.


Detailed release notes can be found here:


Recorder update image can be downloaded from here:
CentOS 5.x: ASANTech_Recorder_5.3.1_CentOS5x-b35.iso
CentOS 7.x: ASANTech_Recorder_5.3.1_CentOS7x-b52.iso


Manuals can be downloaded here:
http://www.asansecurity.com/download/Product Documents/Recorder


For more information:

ASAN Security Technologies Ltd
tel: +358 9 8817 1607
or asan@asansecurity.com


ASANTech UVP ANPR (XLPR) is a license plate registration software with top accuracy. ASAN has just released an updated version of the product.


The new version is able to send information about a recognized plate to a predefined URL, including timestamp, lane ID, plate number, and a recognition picture. You can also now define 0 as lane width in order to change measuring units from millimeters to pixels. In addition, the new version allows the usage of CodeMeter software license instead of an external USB-key to be used in recognition.


The recognition related configuration files have been updated to the latest versions. As a bug fix, two different recorders (attached to one server) can now have same trigger IDs.


Java 6 support has been dropped in releases 3.2.1 and above.


Release notes can be downloaded here: ASANTech_xlpr_3.2.3_Release_Notes.pdf

Installation package can be downloaded from here: ASANTech_xlpr-3.2.3_installer-b647.exe

Updated user and configuration manual can be downloaded from here: ASANTech_XLPR-3-2-3_User-and-connf-guide.pdf


For more information:


ASAN Security Technologies Ltd
tel: +358 9 8817 1607
or asan@asansecurity.com


ASAN has released an updated version, 1.1 of ASANTech UVP Viewer. UVP Viewer is a software program for watching live or recorded video footage through a browser on a computer or mobile device.


The Viewer’s new features include recording export (in .mp4 format), recording snapshot, proxy support (nginx etc.), and playback for locally saved recordings which are in .mp4 format).


The functioning of Axis Edge camera’s short recordings has been improved: Previously they sometimes caused duplicates in playback; now the stream fetch timeout has been increased from 20 to 60 seconds.


Currently only video streams in H.264 format are supported.


Please check out the release note here.


For more information:


ASAN Security Technologies Ltd
tel: +358 9 8817 1607
or asan@asansecurity.com


ASAN Security Technologies has released a new version, 3.12.6, of its ASANTech UVP video surveillance software.


A new device driver for Sony SNC-VM772R camera has been added to the UVP in the new version. Support for Axis drivers has been improved based on a few issues which have been reported by customers: For instance, local VAPIX3 cameras can now be added to use any defined port. Axis Edge driver now supports also Axis M310X-(LVE) cameras. The Playback Tool performance has also been made more reliable. In addition, notifications for connectivity issues in live view have been enhanced.


The functioning of the Innovative Security Manager (ISM) integration, a security management system, has been improved to make it more easily configurable: User can add more parameters, such as specifying week days, hours, minutes and seconds when ISM Event delegation is active.


The release note with detailed information can be downloaded from here.


For more information:


ASAN Security Technologies Ltd
tel: +358 9 8817 1607
or asan@asansecurity.com


ASAN Security Technologies has launched a new software version (1.9.0) of ASANTech UVP 3.12 DDA Driver Package.


The new drivers now support also Bosch Edge cameras and Dahua recorder. The Bosch Edge driver supports most of the Bosch cameras with memory cards containing recordings, whereas the Dahua recorder driver supports the new Dahua Tribrid recorder (DHI-HCVR7416L).


The new driver package also supports the 64bit version of Bosch Divar IP 3000/7000 recorder, which makes the use of its memory more efficient and optimized. This enables the connection of several Bosch recorders to the same UVP.


Furthermore, ASAN has fixed a few issues that some customers have reported, for instance regarding the use of recorders of Mirasys 7, exacqVision, and NUUO (mini and solo).


For more information:

ASAN Security Technologies Ltd
tel: +358 9 8817 1607
or asan@asansecurity.com


ASAN will publish shortly a number of partnerships with technology vendors, with whom it is defining state of the art security for video systems. The objective is to get immediate benefits from combining ASAN platform capabilities, such as firewalling, with the latest solutions of selected partners. The partners and products will allow us to continue building highly advanced multivendor video solutions with highest level of data security.


Advanced data security is an essential element in IoT and digital video systems. Typical video installations are built over time, using a diverse set of components. Without a clear security policy and rigorous implementation, these systems are highly vulnerable to cyberattacks.


ASAN has a long history of providing its products with advanced security features. They span from advanced user rights control to incorporating firewall functionality in video servers, and secure data transmission between network elements. Achieving high levels of security has required strictly enforced processes for user access, authorization, and accounting, as well as advanced firewall implementation.

The use of wall-to-wall ASAN solution has enabled seamless operation and cost efficient implementation.


Over the coming months ASAN will publish guidelines and solutions for highly secure video installations achieved with ASAN products and partner equipment and solutions.



For additional information, please contact:


Antti Laine
Tel. +358 40 751 2307


Jyri Luoma
VP, Sales and Marketing
Tel. +358 (0)9 881 71607


In the beginning of October ASAN launched a new version of ASANTech Recorder. The version 5.3.0. has a new, local client user interface, which is not affected by the version of the installed Java software. The updated UI is more stable and easier to use, and problems which have in some cases appeared when using browsers have been fixed.


We would now like to offer a free-of-charge update for earlier versions – 5.1.0. and newer – of the Recorder. The users of versions older than 5.1.0. are offered a 50 per cent discount. For clients who have a service and maintenance agreement with us the update is free.


Please contact either our retailers or us directly.


For more information:


Jyri Luoma

VP, Sales and Marketing

Tel. +358 (0)9 881 71607