ASAN releases new versions of ASANTech UVP remote surveillance software, and of ASANtech UVP DDA (Dynamic Driver API)


The version 3.12.7 of ASANTech UVP includes several new features and improvements. The Bosch encoder driver (Bosch-VIP-X16-XF-E-23500570) now supports H.264 video streams and Pan-Tilt-Zoom function, and Bosch encoder driver (Bosch-VIP-X16-XF-E-23500570) supports VIDEOJET multi 4000 encoder.


Two new device drivers have been added to the system: Sony SNC-G7 – a generic Sony generation 7 driver – and Sony SNC-VM772R (4K).


LiveVideoCheckInterval parameter has been added to each driver’s properties, in order to refresh network connection between the UVP drivers and recorders in case those have been for some reason interrupted.


Improvements have been made to Ksenos playback. PTZ permissions now also work on all user level accounts via the UVP Bridge (used in large systems). Axis VAPIX3 drivers camera reading capabilities have been improved when using a mobile network connection.


The version 1.10.0 ASANTech UVP 3.12 DDA includes new device drivers, for instance for March Command Series recorder. Avigilon 5 driver has been updated to Avigilon 5/6 driver, which now supports H.264 video streams, and Avigilon 6 recorders. There is also a Dahua 0 driver in addition to Dahua 1. The new DDA version supports Eneo recorder in 64bit UVP environment, not only in the 32bit one.


The versions of SDK (software development kit) have been updated in a way that they support the newest recorders. The support for Hikvision Zero channel stream has been fixed, and Mirasys 7 playback has been improved.


In order to get the most out of the new ASANTech UVP and the new ASANTech UVP DDA versions, it is recommended to update both of them simultaneously.



The full UVP 3.12.7 release notes can be downloaded from here:



The new ASANTech UVP 3.12.7 installation/update file can be downloaded from here:

ASANTech_UVP_3.12.7-installer-b948.exe (Linux)


ASANTech UVP Manuals can be downloaded from here:




The full DDA 1.10.0 release notes can be downloaded from here:



The new ASANTech UVP DDA driver package 1.10.0 can be downloaded here:

ASANTech_UVP_DDA_Driver_Package_1.10.0-b528.exe (x86)

ASANTech_UVP_DDA_Driver_Package_1.10.0_x64-b528.exe (x64)


ASANTech UVP UVP DDA documentation can be downloaded from here:



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