ASAN and Bosch strengthen their partnership – Latest information about the common solution is now available on Bosch’s Integration Partner website


The long partnership and product development history between Bosch and ASAN Security Technologies guarantees a reliable and deep level of integration between Bosch IP video devices and ASANTech UVP (Universal Video Platform) products. This solution unites high quality imaging technology from Bosch with ASAN’s multivendor, remote monitoring software.


– ASANTech UVP now offers the rich functionality of Bosch’s recorders and cameras in UVP client. The features of Bosch’s products scaling from small to large environments  can now be used in a UVP solution in a simple and reliable way, says Antti Laine, the CEO of ASAN Security Technologies.


– We are very pleased about the further strengthening of the partnership between Bosch and ASAN, says Pekka Lakkonen, the Country Sales Director of Bosch Security Systems in Finland. – The integrations of Bosch devices to ASAN’s multivendor environment add to the number of ways our customers can utilize the latest video technology in their business.


The integrated solution gives customers a chance to achieve notable improvements in security as well as ease of use and efficiency in numerous fields of industry.


Key features of the joint solution include:


  • The Bosch recorders connect into ASAN’s multivendor environment
  • ASAN solutions enable the use of Bosch H.264 cameras in a plug-in free web browser UI, including recordings
  • ASAN solutions support both older and the latest IP and HD cameras from Bosch
  • ASAN ANPR with Bosch cameras give a high quality recognition solution for parking businesses
  • ASAN’s API allows third parties to use existing Bosch live video and recordings in their own systems

Latest, detailed information about the integration can be found on Bosch’s Integration Partner website.


We will be happy to tell you more about how our solution could benefit your business. You can reach us by phone at +358 9 8817 1607 and by e-mail at .

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