UVP – intelligent viewing software


UVP is a new way to make use of the possibilities provided by modern, IP-based video technology in video surveillance. Firstly, UVP is the world’s most easily adaptable remote monitoring software, which combines different, already existing video systems behind a single user interface. All your organisation’s control systems can now benefit from the eyesight witch increases safety, easy use and efficiency. In addition, UVP records, analyses and archives video footage from any source without technical limitations.


ASAN releases UVP Viewer 2.0 software user interface for video surveillance

UVP Viewer is an easy-use viewing software for watching live or recorded video footage through a browser on a computer or mobile device. It allows the use of different brands of recorders and cameras as an integrated video system. Browser-based UVP Viewer 2.0 raises the efficiency and usability of the software to a completely new

ASAN releases new versions of ASANTech UVP remote surveillance software, and of ASANtech UVP DDA (Dynamic Driver API)

The version 3.12.7 of ASANTech UVP includes several new features and improvements. The Bosch encoder driver (Bosch-VIP-X16-XF-E-23500570) now supports H.264 video streams and Pan-Tilt-Zoom function, and Bosch encoder driver (Bosch-VIP-X16-XF-E-23500570) supports VIDEOJET multi 4000 encoder.   Two new device drivers have been added to the system: Sony SNC-G7 – a generic Sony generation 7 driver

ASAN and Bosch strengthen their partnership – Latest information about the common solution is now available on Bosch’s Integration Partner website

The long partnership and product development history between Bosch and ASAN Security Technologies guarantees a reliable and deep level of integration between Bosch IP video devices and ASANTech UVP (Universal Video Platform) products. This solution unites high quality imaging technology from Bosch with ASAN’s multivendor, remote monitoring software.   – ASANTech UVP now offers the